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It’s crazy what a heart blinded by love can lead you to believe. For 27 year old Koryn Owens, that’s exactly what she was, blinded by the thing called love. From being a wife, mother, entrepreneur, living lavishly, and could want for nothing, you would think that she is happy beyond all measures. But that’s not how her story goes. When secrets start to spill over, along with a blast from the past, will Koryn’s marriage be able to stand the test of time?

At 31 years old, Travis Owens is the man of every girl’s dream. He’s handsome, charming, has his own realty company, and has money for days. But just as big as his legal business, his illegal dwelling is even bigger. He’s living life unapologetically while operating fully in the best of both worlds. But what happens when both worlds collide, creating more friction that’s ready to be set ablaze?
Love and loyalty are tested, secrets are exposed, and lives will be hanging in the balance in this first installment of A Piece of A Hustler’s Heart. Dive in now and ride along with Author Nai as she takes you on an unforgettable journey.

A Piece Of A Hustler's Heart 1

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