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 Life as Koryn knows it is turned upside down in an instant. Uncovering her husband’s secret life and knowing where her heart lies, the decision to divorce Travis is easy, right? Unfortunately, easy is not in the dictionary when it comes to Travis and getting what he wants. Facing some tough truths and hard situations, Koryn taps into the gangsta’s daughter that she is, fighting for the life and future that she wants, needs, and desires. Will Travis eventually let her go to live her best life with someone else? Or will Koryn find herself stuck in an impossible situation?

Not out of prison for a full two weeks, Christian find himself in a sticky situation, in an unfamiliar place, and with the most unlikely savior. Using his brains and his hustler’s mentality, he takes advantage of his new surroundings, using it for his own benefit while plotting the perfect way to exact his revenge. But will his new environment bring more trouble to his doorstep? Will Christian be able to come out on top, secure Koryn’s heart, and get the W?

In this finale of A Hustler’s Heart 2, everything and everyone are not what they appear to be. The intense plot thickens. Visible lines are drawn. And secret alliances are formed. In the end, the heart of a hustler is worth warring for, or is it?

A Piece Of A Hustler's Heart 2

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