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Janasia, Dejanique, and King have been best friends since forever. The definition of, “three the hard way” they are thick as thieves. While close, Janasia and King have an attraction for each other that can’t be denied by the two of them and certainly not the people who get to experience the two in a room together. Cherishing their friendship, Janasia and King vowed to set boundaries and never cross the line they’d set with each other. Keeping their passion under control is doable until… one feel good night, one loving gesture, and an intimate moment shakes things up. Will Nai and King risk it all and finally give in to their raw sensation? Or will they continue to deny what lies beneath in order to preserve the friendship?

Dejanique is in a class of her own, where the only people allowed to dwell in her world are the people she chooses. Not easily impressed or swayed, she meets her match in Bryan. With the gift of gab and enticing vibe, he draws Dejanique in, making her bend some of her rules. Making it plain what she has to offer, she quickly learns that Bryan is the key to unlocking hidden desires in more ways than one.

In this enthralling standalone, the Summer is heating up with new prospects and bringing feelings to the surface in a way that’s sure to have you falling in love with the characters. Whether sparking a new flame or exploring secret love, this Summertime in New York is sure to be one for the books.

A Summer Fling In New York

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