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It’s Summertime and the last thing on anyone’s mind is a relationship, especially with someone whose introduction to you isn’t a pleasant one. Meet Charisma, a slick talking, goal driven, single, twenty-six-year-old whose sole focus is her peace, her career, and her tight knit circle. With no time for any man who can’t hold a conversation, or doesn’t have his life planned out, it’s safe to say that she has a type, and the babyface hitta, Hasan isn’t it. At least she thinks so, until he invades her space, taking her by complete surprise with his gangsta and gentlemen personality.

Hasan is a no nonsense hitta whose time is dedicated to raising his two-year-old daughter and being the enforcer for his uncle’s drug organization. Between playing those two roles, he rarely has time for anything else until an unexpected encounter with Charisma leaves a lasting impression on him.

They say chance encounters are the one’s you least expect with people who drop into your life out of nowhere. This tale of like, intrigue, and hood romance will surely make for a Summer to remember.

A Summer To Remember With My Hitta

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