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Some would say puppy love is what made Sheree go against her parents and move in with the love of her life, Mason. Let her tell it, puppy love had nothing to do with the fire that he’d ignited in her heart since she was 14 years old. Armed with her man, a growing belly and a point to prove, she makes her move and hopes for the best. Unbeknownst to Sheree, Mason has a side of him reserved only for the corridors of his bedroom.

As Sheree struggles with her tumultuous relationship, the people around her are also affected. One person in particular being Mason’s twin sister, Micaya. While trying to protect Sheree, Micaya finds herself stuck between a rock and a hard place as she teeters between her loyalty to her brother and the promise she made to the love of her life, Sheree’s brother Caswell.
What happens when the fairytale ends up a living nightmare and secrets are revealed unexpectedly? Will Sheree continue to hold it down to save face or will the deceit prove to be too much for everyone involved?

A Thug's Love Mended My Heart

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