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Book two picks up where book one left off… with more questions and more drama until you get to the answers.

Micaya is confused, conflicted, and compelled. She knows what her heart is saying to be true but her head just won’t let her grasp it. When life throws another monkey-wrench into her manicured life, Caya is even more confounded, caught between the man she loves and the brother she adores. Choosing between them is not a choice that she willfully wants to make, but then again, fate will make that choice for her.

Although she is tired of Mason, his wrongful treatment, and his torrid actions, Sheree never wishes death upon the father of her child. She knows that her brother would never shoot Mason, but what happens when doubt creeps in? Keeping a promise made under duress, Ree goes against the opinions of others and is there for Mason during his ordeal. But when the smoke clears and the fires are put out, will Sheree renege on everything she took herself out of and go back to the monster she knows? Or will she maintain her strength and move forward with life without Mason but in the very capable hands of someone else?

When your world comes almost to an end in the blink of an eye, you would think it changes a person for the better. But with Mason, what you see is what you get. Who shot him? Is it karma? Are his past transgressions coming back to reap what they sowed? Mason is on a mission for two things: to find out who shot him and to get Ree and Lani back. Will he be able to accomplish both missions? Or will he get a rude awakening that his past decisions has tornadoed his future?

Revenge taken and triggered. Secrets hidden and revealed. Love captured and lost. In the heart-thumping, fast-past finale of A Thug’s Love Mended My Heart 2, Sheree, Micaya, and Mason learn that life can come at you fast and in a hurry, whether you’re ready or not. Buckle up and see how a thug’s love can not only mend but heal too.


A Thug's Love Mended My Heart 2

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