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Finding out you have a secret relative is one thing, but having someone new introduced to your life and having to look over your shoulder is another. Mahogany has set plans in motion to draw out the enemy lurking in the shadows, secretly praying for her downfall. Every move is calculated and everyone is in question, both old and new faces.

The crown is heavy to hold as the head of The Table but with her left and right hands on the side of her, Mahogany can't see herself on the losing end of an impending war. When it comes to power and the almighty dollar, the game is treacherous and full of deceit.

The women are tested as they explore new relationships and exterminate any and everything that poses a threat to their families and empire. Will The Table withstand a war with Mahogany continuing to be at the helm or will the reins be stripped from her and the torch passed on?

This second installment of Charge it To The Game will give the definition of Family or Foe.

Charge It To The Game 2: Family or Foe

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