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The Table has always been the center of the Wright Family. With Curtis “Coolie” Wright as the head of it, he made it appoint to be open with the two women in his life, preparing them for any and everything that has to do with the game. Only they couldn’t predict that he’d be framed for murder he didn’t commit.

Coolie takes his sentence on the chin, knowing truth always comes to light at the right time. While preparing for his time out, he leaves The Table in unsuspecting, but able hands with his daughter, Mahogany. No stranger to the game, Mahogany along with her God sister, Tiffany and their best friend Morae take their rightful seats and move as one.

In this male-dominated field, the streets aren’t always welcoming to a bossette; especially one with the style and grace of Mahogany Wright. In a league of their own, the ladies are met with more adversity than a little bit, some in their personal lives and some in business. Will they be able to handle it all and live up to their titles or will they prove just why there’s no room for a woman at the top?

Ride with a few bossettes as they navigate the gritty streets of New York and manage to keep their womanly essence while doing it.

Charge It to the Game: Real B*tches at The Table

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