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Struggling to maintain her two-bedroom apartment that she shares with her twin sister, Ming, and nephew, Case, Amiko can’t bear another bill. Being the responsible sister isn’t always the most fun position, but family is everything plus more to Amiko. Fired from her dead-end job, she seeks out employment in the last place you’d expect a woman to willingly step into. Will the other side of the tracks prove to be her means to an end? Or will the rush of new money prove to be her downfall?

Ming goes about life with no regard for anyone other than her son and sister. Although her sister’s keeper, she can’t seem to get it right to where she can lessen the burden that Amiko carries. A chance encounter with pretty boy Chance may be the answer she’s been looking for all this time. Given promises of a better life for both her and her son, will she ruin it with her antics? Or will she finally step into adulthood and handle her business?

Truth, along with his brother Chance, runs a lucrative business. While it may not be the most accepting business to society, it has afforded him to live the life of luxury that he’s created for himself. With the need to change the face of the company, he meets a defeated but still determined Amiko. Taking a liking to her willingness to hustle, he offers her a position. Only he never expects to fall in love with his protégé.

Chance is what you’d consider the wild card. He lives life on his terms, no ifs, ands or buts about it. With nothing tying him down, he’s free to do what he wants, when he wants. Well, that is until he meets his match in Ming Williams. She gives him what he needs just from being in his presence a few minutes. He’ll soon learn that Ming won’t be an easy conquest. She comes with baggage; some you can see and some you’ll have to unpack.

Elevated By His Gangsta Love

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