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Experiencing the sudden death of his parents and then undergoing torment and agonizing affliction at his foster home—both occurring at a young age—has made Akai harden, blunt, and emotionally disconnected, which bolds well with his street boss status. It also means that he has been maneuvering through life without truly mourning all that he has loss while vowing revenge on those who caused him pain, turning him into a cold savage. However, life throws a little spice into the mix when he encounters a beautiful but feisty woman on one of his daily pickups. Will she be the one to make Akai feel emotions again for the first time in a long time? With these emotions, will Akai learn to fall in love and learn how to love?

The only child of her mother, Melinda, Maleah is definitely a mama’s girl but she handles her own business literally; operating her own styling and makeup consultation studio. She is in touch with her feelings but knows how to be tough when the situation calls for. Life tests her strength and will while picking up food when she confronts a rude customer for breaking the line. Will this confrontation change her life for the worse or for the better?

Life for Akai and Maleah comes full circle, bringing the past into the present while questioning what lies ahead in the future. Love definitely doesn’t happen at first sight or first words. However, love does occur while bringing peace, solace, trust, red flags, blindness, and extreme control along with it. Check out what happens when love goes after Akai’s and Maleah’s own hearts in this emotional-provoking, refreshing new African American urban love story, For the Love of My Savage.

For The Love Of My Savage

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