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Beautiful, smart, single, and observant, Aaliyah Renee “Babygirl” Jones is the heart and only child of Iman Jones, one of New York’s biggest bosses of legal and illegal operations. Bringing her own unique skills to her father’s organization, Babygirl is the definition of a ride or die to those closest to her, especially her best friend Erica. On one of the worst days of her life, light shines her way after meeting Eli Meko King, a charmer with ties to the family. Will she let down her walls and add him to her tight circle?

The self-proclaimed son of the streets, Eli Meko King uses his survival skills to navigate through life, landing him in the presence of Iman Jones. Getting put on, Meko boosts his hustle by using his life skills and quick adaptation to any situation, instantly setting him apart from others. Without fear of no man and going after what he wants, he sets his eyes on the feisty attitude and no nonsense demeanor of Babygirl, knowing the repercussions of making a bold move. Quite smitten with her, will it be a move that he'll come to regret?

Loyal to an extent, Erica Black is the only daughter of Shyheim Black, one of the largest drug lords of New York’s drug empire. Without a doubt, Erica loves Babygirl like a sister, especially since their solid bond kept her upright during different trials in her life. However, their bond is disturbingly doubted when lines are willingly and unmistakably crossed. Will they be able to recover from their sudden adversity?

Instant attraction, provisional love, forbidden desires, deliberate betrayal, and severed trust. In book one of this heart-wrenching, page-turning urban fiction series, His Hood Love Gave Me Life, Aaliyah, Erica, and Meko discover that there is a thin line between love and loyalty. What side of the line will they choose? WARNING: CLIFFHANGER!

His Hood Love Game Me Life

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