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Finding out that her deceased husband and best friend bore a child has Aaliyah’s mind reeling. As if that revelation isn’t shocking enough, she also finds out she’s being released from prison on a technicality. Welcome home signs on the day of release fill her heart with intense joy, but it’s short lived as she’s also met with a barrage of bullets.

Elijah King is the product of a loving affair that left both his parents dead, so he’s been told. This reality that’s been embedded in his head causes him to seek revenge by any means necessary. Until a turn of events makes him have to pick sides. Will he choose who he knows or who he now believes?
Pam Black has a hole in heart after her daughter is killed by the very person she considered family. Unable to shake the hatred for Aaliyah that’s settled in the depths of her soul, she wants blood. Even if that means using someone in the Jones family to get it. An eye for an eye right.
As these families collide, alliances are formed and innocent lives are caught in the middle. In this finale everything isn’t what meets the eye, someone has to live and some people have to die. Dive into this blazing hot finale right now.

His Hood Love Gave Me Life 2

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