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Katori may be a lot of things but a victim she is not. After losing her mother to a housefire and becoming her brother’s sole provider, she’s forced to lean on her man for support. In doing so, she quickly learns that the old saying “you find out a lot about a person once you live with them” speaks volumes. As her relationship faces its ups and downs, Katori continues to push through and maintain for the sake of her brother. When tragedy hits home again, it leaves Katori stuck between a rock and a hard place. Her life suddenly takes another turn as she is snatched up both physically and figuratively. What happens when you fall into the arms of someone who has unintentionally brought you pain while at the same time opening your eyes to things you’ve turned a blind eye to? In this Urban Romance, will Katori allow a real hitta to love her or will the circumstances prove to be too much to bear?

Snatched Up By A Hitta

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