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Malaysia is an up and coming entrepreneur with a passion for cooking. With dreams of moving her home business to her own full fledge restaurant, she has the support from all of her loved ones except her main one—her boyfriend Shane. With his insecurities and aggression showing, Shane proves why their relationship will be completely done just like her food sooner than later. But just like a thief, Shane doesn’t go silently into the night, making Malaysia realize just how unpredictable he is.

Stylez is the boss that the hood loves and haters secretly hate. Managing to keep abreast with the demands of the streets, his incarcerated brother, and his selfish girlfriend Carmen, Stylez ends up getting more than he thought when his brother asks him for a favor, opening his eyes to what his relationship is and isn’t. When his annual backyard party occurs and things go awry, Stylez has to call on Malaysia for her chef skills, not knowing that her help will be needed elsewhere too, proving to be the perfect little distraction and addition.

While trying to avoid a hidden secret, Stylez and Malaysia find themselves into the thick of it when the summer kicks off, redefining the lines between them. Freshly out of relationships, will Stylez and Malaysia heat up things for the summer and provide their own version of a hot girl-hot boy summer? Or will their exes interfere too much, causing the couple to cool off and just let it burn?

Summertime Love With My New York Bae

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