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Kristen has gone missing and while away, the unthinkable happens, shaking her world up in ways unimaginable. While Ant shows up to rescue her, her fragile state of mind may be too broken for him to mend alone. 


Finding Maine on a visit with his ready made family, Kaia is almost positive that she’s done with him... almost. Will life’s circumstances reconnect them or tear them apart before they can start a family of their own?


After an unpredictable romance, life as the couples know it is coming apart at the seams. As the puppeteer behind their destruction, Kane lingers in the wind, using his connections to get rid of anyone remotely close to Kristen in order to get her attention. As life altering events plague the couples, it becomes hard to focus on the task at hand; ending Kane.


In this second installment, new players make their debut and unlikely allies are formed and tested. The question remains: Who will willingly walk through the fire to claim the love they’re still working to build?

Thug Me The Right Way 2

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