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Kidnappings, death, and other unfortunate events have plagued the new couples. Fed up with being on the defense, it's time to be on the offensive side of things. The guys must perfect the art of war to protect their growing family by any means necessary. With different obstacles thrown at them left and right, will they be able to detect whose friend or foe?

Kane is a thorn in the side of every person he comes across. Having been able to slither his way through the cracks in his enemies lives, he feels he's that much closer to getting what he so desperately wants; Kristen and "their baby". This time around will Antwon be able to rid the family of Kane for good or will Kane continue to reign terror and confusion down on the family?

It’s been one hell of a ride and in this finale we find out how far one is willing to go in the name of love, family, and loyalty.

Thug Me The Right Way 3

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